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Angel Haze
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1991 a star was born
My soul was torn in the exact moment that they umbilical cord was gone
And honestly I still think I'd rather stay dead
Cause I'm still a monster that's rage fed in Haze head
But I was born into a ton of curses
Same blood, same genes, just a different purpose
And a different person like all around
My life was fucked up and I let it tear me down
And I always dressed in skirts-es
And I always slept in churches
Didn't believe in shit so I always felt so worthless
Molested at age 7 nobody ever noticed
So I locked myself inside myself and had to keep on growing
Of course you'd never know it
That type of pain is the [?]
In fact it's been 13 years, I still feel a strain on my shoulders

[Verse 2]
It's 2001 and I'm hoping to die
I'm writing suicide letters I mailed to the sky
My biggest question is why
That fucking question remains
But since I sound my purpose I have never felt pressure the same
All of the pressure was drained
And God was here I know it
I didn't choose where I started, but I did choose where I'm going

[Hook 2x]
Every day is hard work: struggle, pain, and dedication
I know it gets hard to end the pain for preservation
If you make it through then every day is a celebration
If you know where you're going everyday's a reservation

[Verse 3]
It's 2007 I'm still looking to heaven
But I'm thinking murder now and I'm using hate as my weapon
I'm using pain as my leverage
I want them to suffer too
Almost lost my whole mind look at what that struggle do
Insanity's blissful in silence
Almost met mental asylums
Outside I'm a quiet storm, but inside a fist full of violence
Dear Ty, I'm sorry that you're gone
I wish you could come back to life so I could kill you on my own
Fuck it all motherfuckers I've made it on my own
And I've never had shit, man I made it here alone
With my brother as my crutch and my mother as my soul
And I didn't choose where I started, but I chose where I'mma go

[Hook 2x]



Angel Haze

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