Impaled - Masters of Ordure
Head to the latrine because you are moved
By a stool wishing to be removed
The colon blows as fissures tear
An exit that's worse for the wear

Into the pipes the fecalith rushes
To join its comrades from 2,000 flushes
Mass of detritus culled from your bung
Aggregating heaps of the dung

Abdominal pain
Sphincter is strained
Sickening mass
Former repast

The sewage du jour
Masters of ordure

Cost-cutting measures are our pleasure
Problems addressed as profit's depressed
What's the solution for the pollution?

Human health stymies inhuman wealth
With feculent flow reservoirs grow
Halt sanitation, clean water privation
For the poor population

Shit, filth, waste, bung
Crap, dregs, drek, dung

Filters removed from rivers of turd
Civic responsibility? Absurd!
Snaking its way through antique plumbing
Unaware of the shit storm coming

From your faucet, an aperitif
Reeking of chyme and bowel relief
Slake your thirst with dysentery
The taste is something exemplary

Returned to you
An E. Coli brew
Fill up your glass
It's fresh from your ass

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