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Nat was born on the 17th December 1994 in Los Angeles. He is a Sagittarius and lives in Manhattan New York. Nat goes to a private school, that costs over $12,000 per year! He is on the school and city team for basketball. After the hit show The Naked Brothers Band aired on Nickelodeon, the principal had to make an announcement so other students wouldnt bother him or his little brother Alex, and ask for autographs!

He is the lead singer/keyboardist of the band. He even plays guitar! He gets lessons for both guitar and piano, and can sight read music! He plays drums aswel, but mostly just to annoy Alex by doing impressions of him.

Infact he is so busy with all of his hobbies the only time he gets to write songs is a night when he should be in bed! He says that its when he's awake at about 3am that he writes his best songs. He prefers being really busy, since he wouldnt know what to do if he had spare time, and that would make him depressed.

Nat got the name for his band "The Silver Boulders" from two of his favorite bands. "Silver" because The Beatles were originally called The Silver Beatles, and "Boulders" because of The Rolling Stones. [A boulder is a much bigger version of a stone -incase you didn't get it]

When ever Nat or his friends are in a fight he tries to be funny to break the tension like singing "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles.

Nat likes girls that are pretty and funny. A huge turn off for Nat is a girl that eats with her hands! No messy eaters girls! :D

Nats favorite band is The Beatles, he is an expert on them. You can tell that he is influenced by them when you listen to the Naked Brothers Band songs.

If you ever find yourself talking to Nat Wolff dont mention Batman! When Nat and Thomas [Batuello] were little they had a huge fight over whether Batman could fly or swim. They didn't talk for about a month.

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