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For some reason poor
I felt depressed
As I talked to the guy with the hole in his chest
Where his heart used to be
He's dying from the inside out
Why, why?
Cuz a youth without God
Is like a painting in a world with no light

So sad to see
He's barely alive

Gonna live my life like I was
70 yesterday and
God let me go back to relive
All my younger days
One thing, for sure, this time I'm
Gonna do
Man I'm not gonna wait til my life's half-spent
Before I give my life to You

I'm just so glad to be (x3)
I'm glad to be
Jesus when I'm with You
Every next day is the
The greatest day I've ever known
With God I'm alive

I've seen God take the craziest storms
And turn them into the bluest skies
But before He could change my world
I had to give Him and make Him my life
And I just gotta say

Letra añadida por: creed_my_own_prison (#459)

GS Megaphone
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