The Jayhawks

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Stranded in the junglethe cadetsi crashed in the jungle while tryin to keep a datewith my little girl who was back in the statesi was stranded in the jungle afraid and alonetryin to figure a way to get a message back homebut how was i to know there was a record jump my planehad been picked up and spotted my girl in lovers laneand meanwhile, back in the stateschorus: baby, baby, let's make romanceyou know your old time lover hasn't got a chancehe's stranded in the jungle flat as he can beso come on pretty baby just you and memeanwhile back in the junglethe boys in the jungle had me on the runwhen something heavy hit me like an atomic bombwhen i woke up and my head started to cleari had a strange feeling i was with cooking geari smelled something cookin and i looked to seethat's when; i found out they was a cookin megreat cuckoo let me outta hermeanwhile back in the stateschorusi jumped outta the pot and finally got awayfrantic and worried about what my baby would sayso i jumped in the ocean and started to swimbut my chance of survival was gettin mighty slimso i thumbed down a whale who was headin my wayand i reached the states in bout a half a dayand when i got to lovers lane i was almost deadwhen my soul was gone, here's what i saidbaby, baby, your man is no goodbaby, baby, he should've understoodyou can trust me as long as can beso come back pretty baby where you used to because i love you, cause i love youcause i love you, cause i love youcause i love you, transcribed by lou ann


The Jayhawks
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