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Being without you, I wanted to die
70 tablets were my end
And opposite to God,
10 days speak Giving
reasons to return.
Finally it returns me in
a ship of stars
I get into your house,
I get into your bed And
when you fall asleep, sleep
of you abrazada get into your
dreams, and am your desires.
Strange things
happen these when
in house
You Hear my voice that
says my love to you.
And when you bath
someone carves
your back the
radius is lit by songs of love.


Now I am your angel of the guard
which was your faithful lover
Ahora am the
one who always
accompanies you,
You quida, it
bathes you, loves you.
Now I am your
angel of the guard
Now I understand
that you were not sincere,
This " I do not love you "
it was a take-off of jealousies
And was a great mistake for
my heart, Being so full of love.
Several times go that you look at
my photo, And you take
flowers, dial t
o where I rest you feel culprit for
rechasarme And when you
cry I want to console you.

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Gloria Trevi
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