Mary Chapin Carpenter

Letra de la canción

Some people need to know what to expect
Need to keep control, need to keep one step
Ahead of every chance, as if chance decides
Who it's gonna pass, who it will reward
They don't understand; chances don't keep score
They just find us when we're there to find

And so this has to be a sudden gift of fate
You're nothing less to me than a sudden gift of fate
It's not as if it comes down to your turn
That someone somewhere feels you've earned
You just learn to wait for sudden gifts of fate

Some people have never been the lonely kind
Never called a friend in the middle of the night
Just to hear a voice say it's okay
And now I hear you speak each and every word
That I didn't think lonely people heard
You took a long night and turned it into day


You can celebrate; gifts are never late
You just learn to wait for sudden gifts of fate

Mary Chapin Carpenter
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