American Psycho


Letra de la canción

I've got style I'm so fine and all my suits
Yes they are made in London (American psycho)
Satin sheets luxuries and velvet kiss
Very important person (American psycho)

Someone likes to call me a paranoid
Just because I kill for joy
Flesh or blood I don't know what's the real Mc.Coy

American psycho
You feel the silky touch my tender kiss or my lancet cut
I'm an American psycho
My business is to love and kill and baby I don't pretend
I'm an American psycho psycho

Armani Coveri Valentino
From my head down to my toes (American psycho)
Easy girls restaurants midnight cafes
And my life is a big show (American psycho)

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#218)

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