Letra de la canción

Every I'm searching for desire can't you see
Everynight I'm dancing through the fire to be
Loving me all night long
You can change my life you will be so strong

So darling wake me up
Searching for illusion
Never stop, only you and me
Give it up
Dancing in confusion free we'll got to be

Don't stop my fire into the night
Burning for desire groovy kind of lover
Fire into the night
Searching for a passion come into my soul

Don't stop my fire into the night
Spending time together you're my only love
Fire into the night
Moving to the rhythm loosing my control

Everyday I'm looking for the danger to
Everynight I meet another stranger love to
Loving me all night long
Never waiste your time and it's flowin' on

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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