Disco 'Stillborn' (1993) al que pertenece la canción 'Ethnic Cleansing'

Ethnic Cleansing

Malevolent Creation


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Ethnic cleansing of a race
Taking life to save face
Turning on a life
Force to kill to survive
Prisoner of war
Sentenced to die to settle a score
Spewing forth the lies
Silence your scorn,silence your cries
It never ends,the greed for power
Conquering lands,declaring all die
Until the end,never falter
Perform the task,just do,not why
Waging on greed,never satisfied
Contemplate the waning of your fate
Simplify,conduct the genocide
Take back your land,so you justify
River runs red with blood
Ethnic cleansing never done
Scorched black bodies fill the streets
Slaughter continues
Crimes of war overlooked
Continue cleansing by the book
Escaping doom,trial of time
Your ethnic cleansing
No crime to coarse
Set to attack, follow course
Grip of death
Held in the balance,race
Strike first
Accept no fear
No remorse
Of your attempt
Challenge your God,challenge your beliefs
Inner struggle succeds
Cleansing of your soul,cleansing of race
Persist termination
Tools of war display their butchered work
Wholesale killing,dominating,race asserts
Played by a friend who delivers your repose
Ethnic cleansing maintains its flow
Entering a stage of no turning back
Works of war paint the world black
Disposing of an entire race
To put your religion in its proper place

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