The Faint

Letra de la canción

I sleep on the white, tile lobby floor
In case there'll be time to visit stars
The bright lights aren't on, but I'm awake
Now nervous your voice sounds on the phone

You were clean when you checking were out at the desk
Volition and choice that I've removed
And I'll be beside you at the time
But I'll have to wait 'til I can...

Call (call)
Call (call)

The thought kept you home while I was gone
I left you a note when you woke up
Don't be alarmed, I wouldn't split
Upon being here for you to...

Call (call)
Call (call)

It's useless, forget I messed up your airs
So tempting, for all last patience has
So I'm for coldness, blaming luck
For warning, is there no need to...

Call (call)
Call (call)

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The Faint
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