Letra de la canción

She came back to visit, she says
'Cause in some ways, Minneapolis is more real than L.A.
But I won't go to the triple-rock on a tuesday
Too many people pop out of they pimples and play

And at night, we can watch these people in these bars
They're all insane, they all know my name
Who won the game? no one's in pain
But either way girl, i'm glad you came

And if the elements and irrelevance I strain
Hair's wet, who cares if it's sweat or rain
As long as it doesn't leave a permanent stain
It's all in vain if there's nothing left to gain

And somethin's in the way she looks at her prey
There's no way she'll allow you to live
Swallow the fight, inhale the night
There's not much else left for you to give

Who's leaving (who's leaving) ? there she goes
Who's leaving (who's leaving) ?
Who's breathing (who's breathing)
As opposed to who's bleeding (who's bleeding)

Caress the rooftop and stare at the space
For the flesh that you gave just to get a taste
It goes... nothing comes close
Scream of the smile and choke boy choke

Passion come death, and death bring power
At the top of the hour we sing for the monster
And here she goes, with that look in her eyes
The souls of those that got took by surprise

Crooked little smile that clings to her lips
On a night like this I sing for the bitch

Just a lonely summer
Slowly dying
I was smiling hard
But I was lying

So what's the time? it's almost time for her to go to work
The sun is shining but I'm the shadow of my smirk
I keep my breathin' under my breath
Tucked within the untrimmed bushes next to her front steps

And when she leaves to make treck towards the bus stop
My love erupts (POPS) a thousand tiny blood clots
Damn I wish that she was mine but time and time over the discretion
On my right shoulder whispers to my ear

Advising me to admire from way over here, play the rear
And struggle for the view to clear
It's been 2 years and quite a few beers
Too many loose tears and a few souvenirs

And if she only knew, how long I've waited for her
How her smiles enough to make my winter warmer
If she knew the way she walks could take away my storm
She'd probably call the cops and get a restraining order

As much as I hate myself, I hate you more
But I still smile when you come through that door
And as much as I hate my life, I hate yours too
Just can't seem to teach myself to ignore you

This is for the ladies, not every lady
Just the ones that drive me crazy, the ones that scream SAVE ME
I want to thank y'all for everything you gave me
Now lean in and taste me (kiss)

[Chorus: x2]

Right up to your face and kiss you!

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