Canción 'Captured' del disco 'Warkult' interpretada por Malevolent Creation

Captured Letra

Malevolent Creation

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CAPTURED es una canción de Malevolent Creation del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Warkult.

Letra 'Captured'

Seized by the opposition
Guns aimed to the head
Lead away in shackles
Unknown to what's ahead
Surrounded by the others
Who were caught before
Bodies defiled by torture
The hell they have endured

Forced into labor
Punished if they don't abide
Staring through the wire
To the other side

Captured, contained, tortured
Prisoners of war
Guarded, detained, slaughtered
Prisoners of war
Abused, distraught, defiled
Prisoners of war
Punished, wounded, diseased
Prisoners of war

Slowly put to death
Now driving all insane
Awaiting reinforcements
To grant them their escape
Hope is slowly fading
Brutality inhumane
None can understand
Horrors that have taken place

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