i went through the automatic doors my shopping cart ran in to hers our eyes met for a second, then she turned away and after just a little while i went in to the canned goods aisle and there she was just standing there smiling i was hoping she'd look at me but she was checking out the lima beans and artichoke, my heart was broken in pieces by my supermarket fantasy i didn't want to seem obsessed i checked farina off my list but i couldn't keep my mind off those perfect lips i saw her start to walk my way thought that everything would be ok then i ran in to the cocoa puffs display i hurried to the checkout line wishing i could push back time i looked around and she was right behind me my supermarket fantasy i want to clip your coupons girl i want to squeeze your charmin too i want to be your grocery bagger forever and we'll go shopping every night up and down the empty aisles and i'll always make sure your melons are ripe but i can't get up the nerve i can have the best buys in the world but i'll never share a shopping cart with her my supermarket fantasy

Screeching Weasel

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