Collin Raye

Letra de la canción

You've been my best friend all these years
You've kept holding on to me
Through all the trials and tears
Only you and I could know all
The sacrifices that let this feeling grow
There were so many times we could've said goodbye
We could have called it quits but honey you and I
We're survivors we made it through the storm
When I've needed shelter
I've found it in your arms
Survivors in love enough
To fight together in this thing for life

There were times I lost my mind took
Some wrong turns you got me back in line
There were times you lost control
But I stood by you I loved you heart and soul
When faith was tested and dreams were fadin' fast
We held each other close until the rain have passed
We're survivors

A little time and tenderness has
Seen us through the years
We'll still be side by side when
The final smoke has cleared
We're survivors
Together in this thing for life

Collin Raye
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