Sweet Young Thing de Monkees

Sweet Young Thing Letra



'Sweet Young Thing'

By gerry goffin, carole king and michael nesmith
Know that something very strange
is happening to my brain.
i'm either feeling very good
or else i am insane.
the seeds of doubt you planted
have started to grow wild
but feel that i must yield before
the wisdom of a child
And it's love you bring,
no that i can't deny,
with your wings,
i can learn to fly,
sweet young thing.
People try to talk to me
their words are ugly sounds
but i resist all their attempts
to try and bring me down..
turned on to the sunset,
like i've never done before.
and i listen for your footsteps
and your know upon the door.
And it's love you bring,
with dreams of bluer skies
all these things,
when i seem them in your eyes
sweet young thing.

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