I'll Still Be loving You de Kylie Minogue

I'll Still Be loving You Letra

Kylie Minogue

'I'll Still Be loving You' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Kylie.


'I'll Still Be loving You'

I'm seeing it your way
But I don't believe it's true that
I'm not the one to make you happy
It would be so wrong for us to break in two
But do what you gotta do

I hope you find someone
Who can love you like I do
I'll be strong inside
But I'll still be loving you

But I'll still be loving you

Since the day that I found you
I built my dreams all around you and I
Believed you would never leave me
So sure it was love forever more
But if you walk out the door


You say the magic has gone forever
But deep down inside I don't believe it's so
But I'm letting you go

[repeat & fade]

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