American girl de The Veronicas

American girl Letra

The Veronicas


'American girl'

Se k sta no es de the veronicas pero exiz =)

she`s so glamours yeah yeah
she`s so beatufull yeah.!
she knows that you want her so wath your waiting for..

coro 1
take a crazy chance
go with her
this coukd be real love
she`s an american girl

so make your move
you can do this love 4ever 4eveeer
he falls in love
with an american girl

coro 1

now you don`t have to wait more
`cause you`re in her mind
is possible she wants you..

coro 2
you use your chance
she falls in love with you
she`s an american girl
yeahhh she`an american girl
now you`re in her heart


letra de american girl`s
amo ese duoo..!!

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