The Little River Band

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Take it easy on me little river bandit used to be so easy to be your lover we wandered through the days like they had no end but now that you are gone i'm under cover i just can't think about you as a friend chorus: take it easy on me it should be easy to see i'm getting lost in a crowd hear me crying out loud just want you to know i know that you have to go it's all up to you but whatever you do, take it easy on me so now i'll go the minstrel road without i know there will be times when i need you there and each night as i sing those songs about you.i'll think back to the time when you used to care (chorus)take it easy on me oh baby don't leave me crying it should be easy to see i've needed you for so long just one more chance with you.one more chance will you, take chance?come on and take a chance (chorus)it's still up to you but whatever you do take it easy on me submitted by thomas s
fuente: musica.com

The Little River Band
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