Dying Room

Mission U. K.

Letra de la canción

My mommy don't want me, daddy don't want me too
Nobody wants me, left me in the dying room
I ain't seen sunshine, never felt the rain
Never tasted joy, but I know pain
So please don't leave me, in this god forsaken hole
Please believe me, don't wanna die here alone
You stand accused, wish I'd never been born
Feel so abused, no one to mourn, the dying room
My mommy don't love me, daddy don't love me too
Nobody loves me, dying in the dying room
You turn away, and you shield your eyes
Feel so betrayed, feel so despised, in the dying room
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: creed_my_own_prison (#459)

Mission U. K.
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