Donna Summer

Letra de la canción

If you're ready to fall in love
here's the thing you've been dreaming of
scientific fact thet you should know

If you're ready to give your heart
and you don't know which way to start
and you're afraid you'll go against the flow

Ask anyone who's ever been given the blow
if you'll know when all systems are go

All systems go, ohoohooh
all systems go, oohoohooh
all systems go, all systems go
all systems go oo oh oo oh
all systems go, all systems go
all systems go oo oh oo oh

Is your mind in computer mode?
and all your senses in overload
and all controls for take off in your hands

200,000 watts of my love are starting
to glow
let you know that all systems are go

You're on a one way trip to the sun
your heart's on fire and you're ready to run
faster now faster, we're headin' out for
planet Mars
love sudden impact, everything's under
and all systems are go


Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

Donna Summer
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