Ileana Calabro

Letra de la canción

Hear me cachita, I have a rumbita.
Pá that you dance since(as,like) I dance.
Nice girl, my pretty cachita.
The warm rumba is better than the fox.
Gun-sight that they break already of five-peseta coin.
Maracas and elo of the kettledrums already.
It(He,She) wants to make a row.

The Frenchman amuses himself this way and also.
The German and the Irish is glad.
And up to the Muslim.

And if it(he,she) dances an English, one puts him.
The riot and it(he,she) is pá that vulva madman.
Up to a Japanese.

Cachita is makes a row; when it(he,she) dances.
The cha-cha-cha.

Letra añadida por: cuchu13 (#972)

Ileana Calabro
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