Ileana Calabro

Letra de la canción

I am this brown bread.
That for the streets goes.
Moving the hips.
With a sensual touch.
Rather arrabalera.
I sit down on having walked.

Moon of tango fills.
Passion that is hot.
I cannot any more.

And they say...
That I am divine.
A beautiful Argentine morocha.
That my body to the men fascinates.
And I can inspire love in anyone.

I am this brown bread.
Of a popular neighborhood.
The lees for my veins.
It(He,She) runs pa ' carnival.
If the drums sound.
They cannot stop me.

I go of full happiness.
All your sorrow(sentences).
I can erase(smear).

And they say...
That I am divine a beautiful Argentine morocha
that my body to the men
And anyone can inspire love

Letra añadida por: cuchu13 (#748)

Ileana Calabro
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