Kane's River

Letra de la canción

God said to Moses, \"Go and set my people free\"
So he led the Israelites down to the Red Sea
Moses cried, \"Oh lord, oh lord, please show us that you care,\"
\"Don't let us return to slavery there\"
He bowed his head and talked to God through prayer
Daniel prayed three times a day, his faith was deep and true
But the king said, \"I'm the only one you should pray to\"
They took poor Daniel and they threw him in the lion's lair
But God brought him safely out through prayer
He bowed his head and talked to God through prayer
Talk to God when you are feeling sad and you are down
Tell Him when you're happy and the blues just ain't around
You know He'll hear your every prayer
Go to Him and He'll be there to help you ease your worried soul
Moses, Daniel, Joshua, David and Noah too
John the Baptist, Paul and Silas, Matthew, Mark and Luke
The Bible's filled with lots of folks with loads too great to bear
They stretched out their hand to God through prayer
They bowed their heads and talked to God through prayer
So just bow your head and talk to God through prayer

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