La Mancha De Rolando

A blonde and a Chinaman search.
I shelter in a Falcon 73.
They do not know any more than the loneliness.
But they want to go out to see.

, tired(tiring) of so many war.
It(He,She) decides to sell his(her,your) legs.
She(It) only wants to go away to the shit.
Because nobody saw her to grow.

Thousands and thousands of bands of rock.
That seek to gain(earn) money.
Only some of them chase(prosecute) the clarity.
To others everything they absorbs an egg.

The blonde says to the Chinaman.
" Give me the wine that is frapé ".
To the night they happen(pass) " I look for my destiny ".
And I do not want to look AT TV.

It(He,She) is that of now in more I will live travelling.
Far from everything what does me badly.
Far there is what I am looking.

" Care I am not your friend.
We travel together at some time ".
" To the night I have cold ".
The blonde said and began to run.
It(He,She) is that someone wants that it(he,she) is with her(it).
And that gives him(her) little mas of ball.
He(She) asked for a gift him(her) to them reyes:.
A man that, but it(he,she) never makes her(it) alone ever.

He(She) said of now in mas I will live travelling.
Far from everything what does me badly.
Far this one for what I am looking.

La Mancha De Rolando

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