Annette With The Afterbeats

Letra de la canción

Chalk on the sidewalk
writin' on the wall
everybody knows it
i love paul
tall paul, tall paul
tall paul, he's-a my all
Chalk on the sidewalk (chalk on the sidewalk)
'nitials on a tree ('nitials on a tree)
ev'rybody knows it (ev'rybody knows it)
paul loves me
(tall paul) <spoken> with the king-size arms
(tall paul) <spoken> with the king-size charms
(tall paul) <spoken> with the king-size kiss
(he's my all) he's my all!!
<instrumental break>
(tall paul is my love, tall paul is my dream)
(he's the captain of the high school football team)
He's my mountain
he's my tree
we go steady
paul and me
tall paul (with the great big smile)
tall paul (with the great big eyes)
tall paul, (with the great big kiss)
he's my all
tall paul, tall paul
tall paul, he's my all

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