A Global Threat

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All these stupid people, they live their lives the same
Unless you try to change, then there's no reason to complain
Conformity, conformity
Conform to this society
Conformity, conformity
Conformity is just another word for giving up
Subjected to the system you'll turn into a clone
If you can stand on your beliefs then you can stand alone
People say they want a change and talk up to no end
And then they'll join a party where their leaders won't defend their views
On economies, race, religion, drugs, or war. and once the campaign's over
It's the same as just before. so don't expect democracy to work for youthis way
Stand on your own will if you really think you're right
Cause this country is a sham, and politicians are a bore
We won't live that way no we won't do it anymore
Subjected to the system, you'll turn into a clone
If you can stand on your beliefs than you can stand alone


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A Global Threat
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