Still My Child

Mary Mary

Letra de la canción

He Had Many of bad habits
He was trying hard break
And everytime he thought it got better
He would make another mistake
Though he knows he's far from perfect
He is trying to live right
He asked me to ask you Father
Would you hear his prayer tonite

He said that tell him that I really need him
And I really want to change
The next time you talk to God
Would You please mention my name
Tell him that I really love Him
And Although it's been a while
Ask him for me am I still his child

I asked her how she was doing
She said not so good lately
Then I told her girl you know
You can always talk to me
She said these days haven't been so happy
Haven't had much peace of Mind
Now I know that should be praying
But I haven't had much time

So could you tell I really need him
And I really want to change
The next time you talk to God
Would you please mention my name
and tell Him I really Love Him (Oh)
And I know it's been a while
Ask Him for me am I still His child

I know the answer to your question
Yes The Father still loves You
Sometimes when you have children
You don't always like what they do
So when you go to your heavenly Father
Say Lord I love you

I sent a message in the wind
When the birds sang their song
And when you went to sleep last night
I told the moon to shine all night long
Just wanted you to talk to me
And I know its been a while
You are still my Child
my child

Letra añadida por: AdriRanis (#69)

Mary Mary
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