Diego Torres

Letra de la canción

Penelope, with her brown leather bag
And her high-heeled shoes
And her Sunday dress

Penelope sits on a bench on the platform
And waits for the first train
Waving her fan

They say in the village that a passerby stopped
His watch one afternoon in spring
Goodbye my love, don’t cry for me, I’ll be back
Before the willows lose their leaves
Think of me, I’ll be back for you

Poor unhappy girl, her childish watch stopped
One leaden afternoon in April
When her lover left

Down to the last flower withered in her garden
There is no willow on Main Street
For Penelope

Penelope, sad from waiting for so long
Her eyes seem to shine
If a train whistles in the distance

Penelope, one after another she watches them go by
She looks at their faces, she hears them talk
For her they are dolls

They say in the village that the passerby came back
He found her on her green pine bench
He called her, Penelope, my faithful lover, my peace
Stop weaving dreams in your mind now
Look at me, I’m your love, I came back

She smiled at him with eyes full of yesterday
His face and his skin weren’t like that
You’re not the one I’m waiting for

And she stayed there with her brown leather bag
And her high-heeled shoes
Sitting in the station
Sitting in the station

Letra añadida por: Philippa G (#271)

Diego Torres
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