Patito feo

Nadie pasa
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Patito feo


Nadie pasa Letra

They know all the one who gives the orders in this school.
Because we are a people cool.
People who feels with warm blood.
That wants to be done oir.

That is since(as) is here they do not enter(approach) ugly.
Pa that you see I am going to show you.
This ugly gun-sight.
Here there is ugly other one.
Here you cannot enter.

Nobody happens(passes) from this corner.
Here they send the divine ones.
Because we are a petrol.
Petrol indeed.

The good ones.

Not not not we do not want not.
To be so hollow as the divine ones.
Not not not we do not want not.
To be wrists(dolls) without corazooon uouooon.
Holiday(Party) holiday(party) the life begins scout your heart.

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