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Tell me, tell me, tell me why
Why you tell me lies even after all I do for you?
And tell me, tell me, tell me why I try
Try to be your guy even after all you put me through?

Enough's enough my dear
No longer can I take this pain inside
You know the truth is that you took me for a ride
I guess I never did enough to to keep you satisfied

It's a cruel deception
You told me that you loved me when it wasn't' even true
In spite of all the love I give to you
Nothing in the world I wouldn't do
To keep you happy, to make you happy
Oh, tell me why


The sun shines bright again
And all the tears I've cried for you have been washed away
Because all the things I did for you just seemed in vain
Tell me what game you play, oh baby

I've been so true to you
Gave you all the things in a man could ever give to you
And when you were down my love was there to see you through
Baby, what am I to do?
Someone tell me why


Oh girl
I tried giving you the best of me
I was so blind but baby now I see
You tell me all the time, that everything is fine
When you know that's a lie, lie, lie


Nu Flavor
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