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The two were sighing the same thing.
And today they are a part(report) of a rain far.
Do not get confused it(he,she) does not serve the rancor.
They are spasms after the good-bye.

Ponés sad songs to feel. Better.
Your essence is more visible.
Of the same pain.
A new dawn will come.

Maybe they were fulfilling(filling) the need.
But there are emptinesses that cannot fill.
They did not know the depth.
Until one day did not give for any more.

You continued waiting for echoes that will not return.
Floating between(among) rejections.
Of the same pain.
A new dawn will come.

To separate of the species(kind).
For something top.
It(She) is not haughty is a love.
It(She) is not haughty is a love.

To be able to say good-bye.
It(He,She) is to grow.

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