Mister Black

Shadows in the night, fires on the moon
Red eyes in the sky
He could arrive at soon
Silence all around boy we are afraid
Foot steps on the ground
Then we'll see the flame

Mysterious man what can we do?
Mysterious man and all is blue

Nightmare of my dream I can't run away
You are playing with me
Just a teasing game
I don't like your style it's so terrifying
When you sing it's like a "vulgar lullaby"

Mysterious man what can we do
Mysterious man

All is up to you, all is down to me
And until the morning
You can't set me free
Break my heart in two listen to the beat
Mysterious oh oh oh!
Blood is food for you I don't wanna die
When I touch your body
You are as cold as ice
Break my heart in two listen to the beat
Mysterious oh oh oh!

Power, energy deep inside your mind
Blue electric thrills flashing in the night
Go mysterious man master of the world
On the road again catching a new girl

Mysterious man........

Mister Black

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