Every Sunrise Letra



Every Sunrise (Letra/Lyrics)

The sun's barley moving past my windowsill
The Clock won't move forward
It's like time stands still.
Found your coat back in the closet
And it smell of your perfume
Been trying to find myself a new love
But you know my heart just don't got the room
Seems everywhere I'm turning I can't escape those old love tunes.

Seems like on every sunrise nothing’s worthwhile.
And on every sunset I'm missing your smile
On every rode I take I can't make it the first quarter mile.
’Cause on every car ride it's only sad songs on the dial.

What am I supposed to do?
Now you're gone and it's all wrong.
The bed's too big without you next to me girl.
And at the club I’m missing you holding me too close…
We move slow to jam by Teddy P.
There's no better woman in this world for me but you
I’m down on my knees. I begging you please.
Hoping , screaming, calling, wishing you’d come back to me.
Lady…’Cause every day, every night's an eternity.

Seems like every sunrise…

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