Letra de la canción

A lot of things have changed since I grown up
Half my brothaz got locked half got blown UP!
From playin' '2 hands touch' and the games in the street
But the games ain't the same now we playin' with heat
See this danger! In my building they're rollin' dice there
Ain't nuthin' nice there who dare with ice there?!
My hallway ain't right wrong way to the thugs in the doorway
Peace kid I'm out, no doubt! We just hangin' on the corner
Puffin' trees as tryin' to stay warm, sippin' ??? Jezus!
Problems after problem, it keeps involvin'
They got us starvin', that's why we out rottin'
(Knah'm sayin'?)
These days I can't remember like the 6th of December
I think it was September nah, maybe it was November (what?!)
This kid got rocked, just was steppin' on some sneakers
Heard from Tamica, he's gettin' buried in a speaker
'cause his mom's was on that *inhaling*, gettin' laced
She got SMOKIN' IT! She took one bad hit

Aiyyo (Yo!), you can't escape the ghetto
Hell no, it's everywhere you go
Aiyyo (Yo!), you can't escape the ghetto
Hell no, it's everywhere you go
Aiyyo (Yo!), you can't escape the ghetto
Hell no, it's everywhere you go
Aiyyo (Yo Yo!), you can't escape the ghetto
Hell no, it's everywhere you go

I'm not your role model, I drink the whole bottle
don't' follow nobody, 'cause you'll never know tomorrow
Just look around, everywhere, it's dispersed
It ain't no care, hate, and good times is rare
Or seldom last long, they always fade it
With my fam is dyin' over money and gettin' incarcerated
Yeah! Just to be as patistic, it's sadistic
Too realistic, we doin' this quick!
The other night kids got bad, got 'em kids build intend
They caught a law's news spread(?)
Last week they was blazin' on the corner, bullets ricochet
It's somebody's baby, had they kid maybe dead
They sold it from the ???, they say delease
Livin' in the ghetto, rest in peace

Hates where I'm from, the good tie up
The sky is grey, we never see sun
The ghetto-life is: 'live and let live'
All the day to day

It all began when Shorty rocked, took the law in his own hand
Sick of seein' his mom's gettin' beat up by his old man
So he did what any kid would've done
Went into the closet, got his pop's gun
Who need enemy when you got family?
It's hard to get a job when you look like me (word up!)
See people don't just rob 'cause they all unemployment
Some do it for the pure satisfaction enjoyment
Brrrr, it's cold, this world is freezin'
Folks get murdered over no-pair raisin'(no!)
Packin' they backs, talkin' 'bout they leavin'
But where ya gonna go? You can't escape the ghetto!
You see more when you high, even less when you low
You can't run from your own ??? home


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