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The other night i met a girl and she looked to be so nice
I asked her for the digits and she didn't think twice
A couple of days later called her up and asked her out
She said "wit' you?" i said "wit' me" and then she said "without a
I took her to the garden where i guess they grow the olives
She wore a tighter skirt than any i had seen in college
She said i love to smoke and drink while cursing like a sailor
I asked her where she got her mouth and if she had a tailor
=46inally i walked her to the door to say good night
She said, "i am an apple would you care to take a bite."
Politely i refused and said, "i'm looking for a lady."
So she slapped me in my face and said: "boy you must be crazy."
She's that kinda girl
Different from the ones before
'cause i know she loves the lord
She's that kinda girl
Virtuous in every way
The kinda girl that makes you say,
"i hope she comes my way."
Well i'm looking for a girl who's virtuous
'cause god laid it on my heart to search for this
So i open up the word to the book of proverbs
The 31st chapter tells me all about her
Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain
A woman who fears the lord, she ain't playin'
Hear what i'm saying 'cause i'm saying it clearly
She's the kinda girl i gots to have near me
Well i'm lookin' into hookin' with a lady
And not a girlie of the worl'y that's shady
But the kinda girl you meet behind the doors of the church
You see, god will bring her to me so i don't have to search
Too hard, i've been scarred by the ones of the past
So put an apb out on the one that'll last
A little longer than a roll in the hay for sure
But a bona fide lady's what i'm praying for
When i finally meet her
I'll know how to treat her
By fulfilling all her needs
Love her and respect her
Cherish her forever
She's the kinda girl for me
[chorus w/ this inserted in the middle:]
She's that kinda girl
Perfect for each other
There'll never be another for me


Dayton Family
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