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Thats All You Gotta Do - Letra

Brenda Lee

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That's all you gotta dobrenda lee(jerry reed)peaked at #6 on july 4, 1960anytime you're feeling lowand you got no place to goyou don't have to be bluehere's all you gotta docall me on the telephonetell me that you're all aloneand i'll come a runnin' to youbaby that's all you gotta doall you gotta do when you're lonesomeis to call on meand i'll come a runnin' to youas a fast as i cani'll love and squeeze you uh huh huhi'll try to please youcause baby i want you to be my lovin' mani've been waiting for the chanceneeding you to start a romanceand if you feel the same way toohere's all you gotta dotell me just a how you feeltell me that your love is realand i'll give my heart to youbaby that's all you gotta dorepeat from 3rd stanzafrom

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