Letra de la canción

There's lipstick stain on the steering wheel of pain
Touch the button we all end in a flash
Humor loves tragedy when you awake from the imagery
Like sweat that drips from the Savior's bloody back
It's anestesia that sings, electric shock always stings
I wish my mind didn't race so fast
I'm available to suffer in the conscience of others
Tell the fascist not to offend my inner voice

Mass deception
Brain diffusion
Mind intrusion

Internal drips falling from the same drain
Iterations, helpless circle though my brain

Cheer up the asylum I've got a life sentence
At the graveyard I roll on broken glass
I long to be in places I dream
The carnival that dances all night
But lately my dreams have been more of screams
And insomnia has dropped by for a snack
There is still one place where devils dare go
And hope is my friend in the dark

It feels like a thousand years ago living the tombs demon possessed
screaming in the night breaking the chains that hold me,
I tore them from my feet ripping my flesh with jagged stones bleeding into the earth,
I tormented my people as I was being tormented myself,
I saw Him from a distance and fell at His feet
"what do you want with me Jesus son of the most high God,
swear to God you won't torture me"
I screamed "Come out of this man you evil spirit, what is your name?"
"Legion for we are many" then the demons that begged and evil spirits left
and went into a herd of pigs two thousand in number rushed off the cliff and drowned,
I now stand in my right mind telling you all Jesus has done for me,
beg Him to stay and send your pigs off the cliff.
Matthew 5:1-20

Drive your demons in the pigs
Drive your pigs off the cliff

Letra añadida por: MiNgO (#20.326)

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