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Letra de la canción

Verse 1:
i love the bathroom sink (x2)
sleep in the bathroom sink (x2)
Verse 2:
i'm asleep in the bathroom sink (x2)
10 minutes the later the tap's turned on (x2)
Verse 3:
i get really mad when the tap is turned on (x2)
yeah i get really mad when the tap is turned on.
Verse 4:
i now have to make my escape (x2)
just because the tap was turned on (x2)
Verse 5:
i got to make my escape out the room
in a flash because i'll get wet
Verse 6:
i don't really like getting wet. (x2)
i am mad my owners did that (x4)
Bridge 1:
the bathroom sink (x30)
Verse 7:
i am mad they got me out out of
the bathroom sink. i loved it
in there very much.


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