Palace Brothers

Letra de la canción

Return from me mother, 'cause you love your man
and i am your daughter, you've given my hand
and you've twisted my arm
and you've shown me the road ahead
thank god, you've shown me the road ahead
His arms locked in mine i find us this morning
my eyes pushed protruding by ????
Oh the wine you poured to my husband and me
when may i taste it again, ma?
tap on the door and leave it outside in the hall
My eyes stay a-bursting (??)
the glow and the smell from
my fair skin now tainted before planks i know well
each creak and each crevice
the curve of a cask at my back, oh lord
spigot[??], chapped lips small and cracked
O come ???ing again, old companion
let's, children, together, let's let 'em thrive in the cellar.


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