Avec Tristesse

Letra de la canción

Hear you softly.
growing lies cold as ice.
treachery true to me.
heinous child that here dies.
I lived and died with you.
tears did fall when love was true.
hold me now in blood and awe,
hear my heart despise this world.
From the dark i came to live
and here i see what dies in me.
has my soul been torn apart?
or has it burnt to my rotting heart?
Far gone sun behold with me,
the sky's so dark and will always be.
truth or lie, it matters not,
i hope one day the end will come.
"an awesome wind of despair suddenly ravished that once noble land.
thorough incandescence desintegrated all those whom to the sky reserved
In the end few are left,
hunger strikes from life to death.
steal the poor and kill the rich,
armageddon has its test.
for some years men will die,
life will simply cry goodbye,
then we'll kiss in ecstasy
and die for all the lies we've seen.


Avec Tristesse
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