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It´s pretty cold for late September
The autumn wind is creeping in
The summer sun packed up it´s long gone
There´s a whole lot of leaving going on, yeah

I´ll bet it´s warm in California
I think it´s time to hit the road
I just might call that band of gypsies
Go searching for our pot of gold
Seems like lately there´s a whole lotta leaving goin´ on

I close my eyes and picture your hand in mine
I still hear your voice, it takes me back to that time
Well I can find a reason to be strong
Seems like lately there´s a whole lot of leavin´ goin´ on

Close the window, draw the curtains
You ain´t the only one here hurtin
No one´s right, no one´s wrong
Lately there´s a whole lot of leavin´ goin´ on
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Bon Jovi
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