Heaven Shall Burn

Letra de la canción

An insurrection of the lost
With courage born from despair
An end for the years of anguish;
A battle in the heart of this nation

Uprising of the lost;
In the abyss between the worlds
They all averted their eyes
A home behind the enemies lines

They raped and burned our fatherland
We know that nothing shall remain; there's no tomorrow,
We'll bring it to an end; there's no tomorrow.

Uprising of the lost; the world averted it's eyes

Our souls scorched with our homes
But fitful we hold our ground

Ragged figures but brothers and sisters we are;
Through fields of debris we crawl

Red vultures awaiting our end
A home behind the enemies lines

Letra añadida por: creed_one (#459)

Heaven Shall Burn
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