Canción 'Altar Flame' del disco 'Sumerian Cry' interpretada por Tiamat

Altar Flame Letra y Canción


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ALTAR FLAME es una canción de Tiamat del año 1990, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Sumerian Cry.


'Altar Flame'

A silent secret
of unfathomed darkness
Uncounted years
Within the temple walls

Lightened up by the moon
It's pale walls cold
Entrance not allowed
Guarded by invisible evil

Rising above the trees
High out of the mist
Dead for many years
A temple in the dark
Approaching the temple
from surrounding forests
In a window I saw
an altar flame aglow

In the primal shrine
Moist and dust
Untouched for centuries
Ancient bible scripts

Phosphorescent glow
Reflects in the mould
Flickering radiance
Inside the dead halls


Echoing inside the church
Unreal chants
Just sheer delusion
of a sickening mind

Extravagant visions
Chaotic incidents
Dare I enter
my disposable grave?