Cadaverous Condition

Letra de la canción

"may the angel not become a stranger"
There was a time, beautiful
sorrow i feel now
hope i feel, too
and still i feel love for you
There was a time, remember
and you, what do you feel
all this, all this is for you
so i hope you remember it, too
Such a lot of things i confessed
now i'm in a place called emptiness
all this for one, for you to see
you took my hand, led me to eternity
i will not forget
The flower, the flower, the flower, my heart
see how a feeling can shatter me
the flower, the flower, the flower, apart (a part)
my tears, my soul, for you, please see
See my hand it trembles, i call your name
everything with you, with you again
give me something to remember
look at me, i weep, i remember
may you always be
The flower, the flower, the flower, save me (again)
you are the angel to rise above
the flower, the flower, the flower, for me
you, the flower, the one i love


Cadaverous Condition
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