Luis Miguel

Alguien como tu
en inglés

Luis Miguel


Alguien como tu (en inglés)

You, it is fire in my skin
Wood that arde with rapidity, love
You have the kiss most faithful of the planet

Stealing my heart
That he dies of love
(I mount)

For somebody as you
That it wants me
Somebody as you
In my fogueira
Somebody as you
That I always have waited
(I mount)

For somebody with you
somebody as you
without barriers
somebody with you
that she never said good bye
she swims, had until yesterday
but shades in the wall
nothing it had between the sky and the enclosure for bullfighting

I feel that everything moved
the love arrives at my world
I believe that the wind blew
after all you are here and I am
insane person for you
(I mount)

Datos de Alguien como tu

ALGUIEN COMO TU es una canción de Luis Miguel. Agradecemos a Duarttuk "El Hereder por haber sudido la letra de Alguien como tu en inglés.