Bring Your Love Letra y Canción

Adrián Barilari

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BRING YOUR LOVE es una canción de Adrián Barilari.


'Bring Your Love'

You were the ink with which
I wrote down my song
You were the night in which
I slept by your side.
You were the blue sky which one day
I longed to grab
You were the sunshine in my heart.

I don´t know what came along;
I could never see it,
I just know you are not with me
Now you´re gone I have learnt
that my soul in pain
Could not ever smile again
You did your best to please my heart,
I know that
I did the rest, I fell in love.
When you said stop,
I just can´t go on like this
I felt I´d lost the will to live.

I don´t know what came along,
I could never see it
I just know you are not with me.
I am glad to have learnt
that the love I´m feeling,
Will live deep inside of me.

I cannot stand this loneliness,
my sweet love
And all the passion that I felt
Just disappeared in the air
And my broken heart would no longer beat
Since you´re not here I can sense
Nothing cares no more, I´m lost

Come to me, tender love
I need another chance
Come to me, give me your love
And save this broken heart

Come back to me and bring your love
Which lives inside of us
Come back to me, give it a try
I don´t know who I am

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