If you can't see it doesn't mean its not there
I will take a seat in the electric chair
It's the way the cookie crumbles and the play is always fair
I got you, I got you haven't always had you

One can only wait for the sound of the phone
And if it don't ring it doesn't mean you're not home
The knot in my stomach won't leave me alone
I got you, I got you may not always have you

I'll make me numb
It haunts whether you go to or come from
I'll dig this hole of all holes for me
Poor brain, leave me alone today

I've seen how much damage I can do
I would have it any other way
No good comes from worry
If I killed it I apologize, yeah I'm feeling a bit sorry

Up in a tizzy, I'm all up in a squeeze
Need some information, yeah I'm asking with please
I can't get myself up off of my knees
I got you, I got you, haven't always had you

My head is a mess I'm breaking into a sweat
I'm not filled with organs but I'm filled with regret
Can we do it all again and pretend we just met
I got you, I got you may not always have you

I'll climb down into this hole for me
Pour dirt on myself for me

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