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I wish I could fly away from this pain
That I could be someone I am not
So that I would not have to fight in vain
And cry because I’m a nut

I had more than I could have asked for
But I was stupid and lost it all
Now I see clearer than I ever did before
I have nothing to hold me if I fall

I regret all I’ve said, but I know it’s too late
Now I’ll be on my own for so long
Because to be sad and crying is my faith
And I admit I’ve been wrong

I don’t know why I’m still here
Now that I’ve lost her forever
I just can’t hold my very last tear
Since I know that never again we’ll be together
So I watch her disappear…and I suffer
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

Dj Encore
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