It´s Gonna Be Alright Letra y Canción

The Cheetah Girls

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IT´S GONNA BE ALRIGHT es una canción de The Cheetah Girls del año 2006, este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Cheetah Girls 2.


'It´s Gonna Be Alright'


It´s gonna be alrigth
everything´s gettin´ better
it´s all gonna work out in time
it´s gonna be alrigth
we´re gonna make it together
everything will turn out time

Whatever the problem
you know i´ll come runnin´ when you call
you can ask for the moon
nothing´s too big or too small

i´ve been there before, sulkin behind a closed door
feelin´all alone
dont´you worry
the dark will get ligther
i just want you to know


whenever the tear drops
do´n´t let the hope stop in your life
things happen for reasons
and change whit the seasons
so don´t cry

whe the worlds on overload
you´´ re shivering from the cold
know this to be true
you know that time heals all wounds
this promise you


The sun will rise as sure as there´s tomorrow
don´t worry´ bout a thing... in time you´re gona see
you r life is everthing you make it the hard times never last trust in your heart and don´´t look back

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